How to Reduce Kitchen Waste

I come today to talk about 10 things I put in place to reduce waste in my kitchen. For ecological reasons, because I believe in a societal model that is far more responsible and ethical than this “all-disposable” society, and also because we need at the moment to lighten and slow down the pace all levels, I have in recent months decided to gradually reduce my waste.

Nothing serves to over-consume waste of any kind than to sort out to give a good conscience. Instead of sorting our waste, let’s stop producing it. It is possible to gradually change consumption habits to considerably reduce waste in all areas. It is not only the bathroom, the kitchen also has to be screened. I also found that at home it was in my kitchen that there was the most waste. At home too ?!

In any case, whether you are only intrigued and interested in the subject to start reducing your waste, or have already started the process longer, this article will give you ideas to reduce the size of your garbage in your kitchen.

1. I buy in bulk

Cereals, flours, dried vegetables, muesli, dry fruits, nuts, chocolate … I find a lot of food in bulk! This is great because I no longer have to throw away all the packaging that I would have had to throw if I had bought these products in the conventional shelves.

2. I always have bags with me

Large shopping bags and a basket in the trunk of my car, as well as a folded tote bag in my purse. Great practice when I have a race to do (especially if it was not planned). Like that, I refuse the bags that are proposed to me and never buy racing bags. That’s less in the garbage.

3. I use recycled paper bags

I still have them in the trunk of my car also because if I leave them at home, I forget them once in two. So I have them with me every time I have a race to do. Reusing allows me not to use new ones every time and therefore not to throw away the old bags.

Small flat: they tear easily, so it is not viable in the long run and this will eventually generate waste in all cases.

4. I use cloth bulk bags

Much better than recycled paper bulk bags! I have just put myself in it and am making a collection for myself.

The products are handcrafted and upcycled, that is, made from textile scraps that were destined for the garbage.

5. I go to the market

I go for fruit and vegetables, but you can find a whole lot of food. I bring my basket and bulk bags and refuse the plastic bags or recycled paper that the merchants give me almost all spontaneously. I also think of going with Tupperware type containers to buy olives or spices in bulk for example. At the markets, you will also find berries, seeds, nuts, dried fruit… if you never find them in bulk in store.

6. I bring my bread bag to the bakery

Finally, since I no longer eat bread ( because of more gluten ), it is mainly my friend who uses it.

7. I cook

Want a pizza or a pie? I make it home, including the dough. Cakes and biscuits? I never buy them, I make them myself. A vegetable steak? 100% made by Fanny too! Etc etc … So, I come back to a kitchen simple and easy, but that remains varied and tasty.

And cooking is magnificent! Peeling, cutting, mixing … all this requires concentration and plunges us into a restful meditative state. When we cook, we are in the present moment. Hmmm, it feels good! So, when one prepares oneself one’s own food, one savors it all the more. We know the effort and the time it takes. It puts a lot of love in it. What good things, good ingredients. Nothing better for our precious little body, do not you think?

8. I cook my vegetables and dispose of them

Novelty in my kitchen, because before I bought them already cooked canned or glass jars. Now I anticipate a little: I soak, then I cook. Just a matter of organization, especially that one can do it in advance and keep them in the fridge. No excuses. After the cooking is done, it’s time to dispose of the food waste. Luckily I have a good garbage disposal that helps a lot with that.

9. I make my house drinks

These are mainly fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies (I have a super centrifuge, a blender, and a nice juicer ). I also drink plenty of water, but not bottled. So no more plastic or glass bottles to throw away!

10. I use reusable dishes

Never of disposable tableware, not of my home. Not even Asian chopsticks, we have 2 reusable pairs (which come from Tokyo Disney Sea they are super nice ). I also ban the toothpicks now, we can use stainless steel spades. And for napkins, always made of fabric.