Everything You Need To Know About Anal Orgasm

What is an anal orgasm?


Sex Orgasms


An anal orgasm is self-explanatory. It is just what you think it means— an orgasm that you get after sufficient anal stimulation. The stimulation can be obtained through every means possible-talking, licking, fingering, touching, penetration, etc. Anything goes as far as it feels good to come. If you are curious, you can read on to understand this backdoor wonder better, especially in terms of bringing your posterior into an orgasm.


Who can experience it?


Anyone on this planet can! As long as you have a butt and you are fine with it being touched, you can go ahead with some sensual butt stuff.


Are anal orgasms and prostate orgasms the same thing?




Sometimes, Cisgendered men or persons who are assigned male from birth are biologically born with a prostate gland. So in their case, their anal orgasm emanates from prostate stimulation.


You can try to stimulate the P-spot via the perineum. It is the stretch of skin extending between the anus and the balls. On the other hand, if you want direct touch to do the stimulation for you, you would need to go deeper within the butthole, by about 2 inches.


What is the A-spot and why is it important?


A-spots are important for women’s anal stimulation. That is how anal orgasms work for people assigned female from birth as well as cis-gendered women. The A-spot is located within the vagina and it is stimulated by anal penetration. The A-spot is also known as the anterior fornix if you are a nerd for scientific names. It can be found deep within the vagina — within a range of 5-6 inches. It is an area full of nerve endings that when stimulated appropriately, can make you super wet. 


What does an anal orgasm feel like?


Anal feels like intense tides of pleasure that begin deep within your body and then pan out to the extremities. In simpler terms, anal feels simply amazing! 


Does anal hurt?


Minor discomfort initially is possible, but as you learn to adjust and shift your weight after some time, it becomes the best position to have sex from. 


Getting Started


Quickie sex may be fun, but as far as butt stuff is concerned, some preparation can make the experience far more pleasurable for both parties involved! Read on to find out how. 


If you are receiving anal


Being aroused and relaxed are crucial, especially if it is your first time with anal stuff…

Here are some tips and other ideas for you to get started:


  • Get into something romantic. The more turned-on you become, the more enjoyable and easier anal sex will become for you. You can do it however you like: listen to an erotic audio story, watch porn, or merely imagine or fantasize.


  • Dip inside a hot bath. Immersing in some hot bath right before butt play will help you loosen up some of your tight sphincter muscles while improving blood flow towards your nether regions. 


  • Practice first with a good butt plug. Sex toys can be good practice for butt play before you get down doing the real thing with your partner. Taking things slow and steady with the help of toys will prepare your muscles for the long haul.


  • Store some more lube. There can be no “too much lube” as far as anal is concerned. It’s just not about the easy slip-n-slide, but also ensuring anal sex safety. 


If you are the one giving anal


If you are going to give anal, you would have to usher your A-game in. A little preparation can go a long way to help you in giving the best anal orgasm:


  • Follow good hand-hygiene. This involves all the nitty-gritty’s of good hand hygiene. File and trim your nails to avoid hurting tender skin. Short nails would also ensure less breeding-space for dirt and germs to grow. Now that we are talking about germs, do not forget to wash your hands well right before taking the plunge. You can try latex gloves and insert cotton balls for extra comfort.


  • Make use of a condom. Use condoms on your fingers, your penis, or your butt toys. You can go so far as to use it on your tongue as long as both of you are comfortable with it. Try this to not only avoid Sexually Transmitted Diseases but also to avoid any possible disgust that might emanate from your first-time experience. 


  • Say yes to foreplay. Foreplay helps both of you to get ready for the exciting time ahead. Kissing, touching, and licking the butt as well as the surrounding area can be a good way to get into the mood.

Techniques for effectiveness


You might have to work with several techniques to strike gold, but playing well is where the fun is.

Here are some techniques where you would need to use your tongue, penis, toes, fingers, or a combination of all of them.


Using your tongue


tongue in ass


Using your tongue may not prove to be very useful for stimulating the A-spot or P-spot, but you can expect to sufficiently stimulate the remaining erogenous zones and the perianal area.


Your tongue’s tip can be used for teasing the cheeks before going all the way in between them. To provide maximum stimulation, practice swirling your tongue in the area surrounding your anus before pushing it right within the opening, and then try to dart in and out of it.


Using your fingers


Use finger in anal


  • Come near. Lube your finger and slowly insert it inside the anus. Once that’s done, use the “come near” gesture by curling your finger upward. As soon as your partner is comfortable, increase your depth of insertion and speed slowly. You can also try to insert another finger as long as your partner is comfortable with this. As soon as a consensus for pleasure is agreed upon, keep going as before while building the pleasure.


  • The Doorbell Gesture. Try finding their pleasure spot with your finger and then press it continuously as if ringing some doorbell. Start pressing lightly first and then increase the speed and pressure gradually.


  • Circling motion. Rub your fingers’ pad circularly in the P-spot or A-spot area. Draw circular motions slowly at first and pick up your pace gradually upon your partner’s behest — or depending on their pleasure responses. Toy around with speed, as well as pressure, to strike the correct combination.


  • Sensory vibration. While this may tire your wrist out, but if your speed is sufficiently pleasurable, you can mimic a mind-blowing sensory vibration. You can stop this action as soon as they have reached orgasm for avoiding a carpal tunnel.


Using your strap-on, penis, or any sex toy



use strap on for sex


  • Suitable pressure. Apply suitable pressure to help find your partner’s pleasure spot.


  • Depth. Not all butts are the same, so you need to explore suitable depth for hitting the correct spot. Take it gentle and slow —unless your partner asks you explicitly to go ahead with greater force.


  • Vibrations. Different vibrating massagers with different pulse settings are available in the market. Try different combinations for finding the best toy. Push up the vibration pulse and speed near the climax to go over the edge.


  • Internal/external. Certain sex toys can double up as both external as well as internal vibes capable of stimulating the clitoris or perineum while penetration.