A virtual reality revolution is being led by VR cam girls.

A virtual reality revolution is being led by VR cam girls.

The adult entertainment industry has always been on the cutting edge of technological development. As a consequence of people’s desire to view pornographic videos, there has been a rise in demand for videocassette recorders (VCRs) and quicker internet connections. In order to go farther, we must move on to virtual reality.

Why use VR Cam Girls?

Due to a recent investment in the seven-figure range, Swiss virtual reality camera firm Terpon is giving free 1,000 of its Hermes and Artemis 3D-VR cameras to the camming community this month. Terpon’s mission is to speed up the adoption of virtual reality (VR) by encouraging cam models to broadcast in the virtual reality (VR) medium. Virtual reality videos are already being made by porn firms.

Top independent VR Cam Girls working for websites that already have a relationship with a company are awarded half of the devices that are given away. There will be an additional $1,000 put out for various video production businesses that have shown an interest in creating more VR content. Artists with established reputations and a growing fanbase will get the remaining cameras from Terpon.

3D- VR Cam

The secondary goal of this campaign is to enhance awareness of Terpon’s rental program. Around $30 a month is the monthly rental fee for the company’s 3D-VR cameras. One of the negative side effects of the rapid advancement of virtual reality technology is that clients spend a lot of money on one of these cameras just to find out a few months later that a superior model has been introduced.

VR Cam Girls

At 30 frames per second, Terpon’s Hermes camera creates a video stream with a resolution of 3000×1500 pixels (1500×1500 for each eye). A faster frame rate leads in more realistic images than in most films. The Artemis features a resolution of 4K and needs an internet connection of 20 megabits per second, making it even more high-end.

Customers will be more likely to buy virtual reality headsets if these content producers start making VR shows and movies, which of course Terpon also offers. Using an affiliate scheme offered by the retailer, a cam performer may earn a commission on headset sales made by customers who purchase or rent a cam while they’re there.

Last words

Only cam sites and platforms who have successfully integrated Terpon’s technology will be able to use Terpon’s cameras for live broadcasting. Artonne predicts that almost all of the most prominent webcam services will be interoperable within the next three months. If you have a VR camera, you may also utilise it to make movies that can be seen on more popular sites like YouTube. It won’t be long until individuals may continue to record their own material and share it with the people that follow and buy from them.

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