An Essential Guide To Gay Drinks: Served Muddled, Stirred, Shaken Or Neat

Recent research by a marketing firm that delves into LGBT behaviors, found out that gay people, dine out more and prefer fancier meals over their straight counterparts, on average. While gay men mostly choose gin, lesbians show a remarkable preference for tequila. Meanwhile, both lesbians and gays together drink the majority of a region’s vodka supply.

The study was conducted by “Target 10”- a New York-based agency. Its results were based on the Experian Simmons data set after 33,000 people had been polled.  According to the study:

  • 75 % of gay men and lesbians had responded positively to dining outside of their homes in the last year
  • Only 60 % of straight women, as well as 50% of straight men, admitted to having dined out in the last 12 months
  • Lesbians and gays are reported to be “risk-taking eaters”. This means that they are more prone to try new cuisines and foods in general than straight persons. This has been attributed to queer persons’ appreciation for food-preparation as an art-form.
  • Nearly 68% of gay people reportedly enjoy dining on “foreign cuisines”, compared to 50% of lesbians and merely 40% of straight counterparts.

On the other hand, when it comes to drinking, lesbians and gays lead the way. This is why alcohol companies cater to their queer consumers more often than their straight consumers. Wine and vodka are preferred the most, with lesbians and gays drinking vodka two times more than straight people. Gin, while trying to find a place in the USA, is consumed by nearly 25% of gay men, while 35% of lesbians consume tequila regularly. Beer, on the other hand, is consumed by everyone.

How To Make Pride Drinks

Are you trying to learn how you can prepare the most preferred Pride drinks at home, with easy ingredients?

We will help you to know and prepare the best drinks for gay couples in this article.  We have also mentioned a brief history of queer drinks with tips and tricks on celebrating Pride. These Pride drinks can be made easily at home. These easy and quick gay drink recipes include a wide range of top-quality alcohol including artisanal cider, fine wine, spirits, and craft beer.

We have also featured some alcohol-free flavorful gay drinks recipes, especially for your sober queer and straight friends looking forward to celebrating Pride!

Gay History

For a very long time, the LGBT community’s members have had a preference for taking gay drinks.

Popular gay bars all across the world are located in gay travel destinations such as Savannah, New Orleans, Montreal, Miami, Toronto, Puerto Vallarta, Bangkok, New York City, Fort Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Bali, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Mexico City, Ibiza, Dresden, Florida, Berlin, Cardiff  Potsdam,  Leipzig, Cologne,   Belfast Malaga, and Brighton.

In Toronto, Church and Wellesley Village gay bars are extremely popular among locals and visitors. The history of gay communities across the world explains why queer folks prefer to have neighborhoods of their own.

In the USA, Canada, as well as Europe, gay communities and neighborhoods were created to keep its queer inhabitants safe. Even longer before the legalization of gay marriages, LGBT community members did not even have basic rights for employment or adoption. As of today, these queer localities offer queer-centric programs, bookstores, drag bars, and parties during the Pride season.

New York City’s 1969 Stonewall riots should be remembered as a landmark incident in Pride history. Those demonstrations were a significant Pride turning-point when police had raided a gay bar in Greenwich Village.

The “Classic” Gay Drinks

Classic gay drinks often conjure unappetizing tastes for most straight people. Most gay drinks often featured at Pride events are extremely sweet, display performative VIBGYOR colors (which admittedly never taste awesome) or are appalling outdated like, Jello shooters. May someone never pour a glass of bottled Rev to you!

Gay drinks linked with bar-visiting gay persons include:

  • Vodka Redbull
  • Vodka Cranberry
  • The Cosmo
  • Appletini (90s favorite)

Today, thankfully, there are discerning, fine cocktail-appreciating LGBT queer members who are eager to elevate the Pride gay drinking experience. Taking drinks muddled with regional or homemade spirits, bitters, freshly squeezed citrus, and syrups will surely be a life-transforming event. Now you would not to need to rely on some chemically enhanced Rev anymore.

Gay Cocktail Essentials

(Tahitian tiki cocktails)

Gay Drinks

Cocktails such as rum and tiki are considered essentials for Pride celebrations. Often such Pride events are so hot that there is a cold tiki cocktail with crushed ice as the most refreshing drink. Tahitian Tiki is representative of Pride festivities as well because they can be decked with colorful garnishes! Everyone is provided with a tiki mug or colorful glass with individual metal straws which can be used all the time. Pride is, after all, more of a marathon! Mix some zero-proof cocktails or ABV so that you remain hydrated throughout the party hours.

Gay Drinks

You can even experiment via butterfly pea flowers as well as a G&T bar. Clean tonics such as Jack Rudy should be used so that the flavors of garnishes and spirits can be brought out. Use gin, vodka, or tequila, with dried and crushed butterfly pea flowers, or a brew with tea. While serving, pour with some citrus juice or tonic for acidity, to see the blue drink turn pink! Ensure a constant supply of accessories and garnishes, like herbs, citrus wedges, oranges-preserved and fresh, wild edible flowers, as well as cocktail straws and picks to maintain a color palette.

The widely used gay drink accessories include:

  • Reusable pride plastic straws
  • multihued glass straws
  • decorative umbrellas
  • cocktail floaties
  • Mermaid Flask
  • Pride disco ball tumbler
  • Gourmet garnishes like Maraschino, Bourbon Cherries, Luxardo, Woodford Reserve.
  • Neon Party or Disco sign

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