Top 3 Gay Dating Apps: Rating based on Customer Satisfaction

So you are gay and searching for some love or sex or both. Or maybe you are simply interested to know more about the best gay dating apps available out there.

Gay dating apps seem like a necessity and vanity at the same time. But it is all technology. Homosexuality makes no difference to your access to modern society’s conveniences. However gay dating apps are a lot different from standard dating apps. Even the most popular and highly used gay dating apps have an extremely clandestine nature. A decade of Grindr has necessitated a need to spice up the mundane online gay dating scene. It’s an unchartered territory out there and you can get lost and demoralized if not properly guided.

Top Gay Dating Apps

These are also times where an entire community, built from the bottom-up (pun unintended) on safe spaces and nightlife, has to stay strictly around the home. So now, gay dating apps might be your only salvation as of now. For different needs, the stakes are now higher. There has never been a more important and weirder time to try gay dating apps than now. This is especially true now that Grindr has become the go-to place for gay men who may not have been in touch for some time.

So without any further ado, here’s the list of the best gay dating apps you should try in 2021


Top Gay Dating Apps

Every gay person knows that they should start here. Miss thing is quite literally, a thing of the past, and the real OG. Grindr offers the primary template of the gay dating scene. Everything on Grindr is reactive, so it will form the start point of your online gay dating experience, whether or not you continue to use the app. Grindr’s functionality is premised on the location: potential matches appear in descending order of proximity. On top of that, you can choose to apply filters according to different categories.  But primarily, they pale in comparison to the distance factor. Be prepared to getting the same 30 suggestions and running into them every weekend, even after they turned down your match.


Top Gay Dating Apps

This app is known for gay bearded men or those with a little fuzz; who happens to be a little more talkative than the gay men on Grindr

From a glimpse, Scruff may seem like Grindr-for-gay-men-but-with-beards. This dating app is the meeting point for scruffier, older, men. Also, due to some of its design elements as well as its otter/bear/cub enthusiasts, it has a reputation for eloquent charm. It even boasts of its representative “woof” feature and has already been adopted by Grindr and similar peers. This feature acts as a faster way of saying, “Regardless of whether we end up talking, I’d still want to tap that thing”

Scruff also has the feature of private photo albums, although videos are allowed only for premium customers. Sometimes, for reasons still unknown, albums may be still locked even when access has been granted.


Top Gay Dating Apps

 This app helps you filter men out upon your whim and fancy.

Chappy‘s main selling point used to be its sliding scale: a quick slide-equivalent to a Tinder swipe today- in a single direction- could help you filter men to fall under your “Mr. Right” category. Sliding in the other direction gave you “Mr. Right Now”. Back then this app was freshly launched, and relatively new. It meant that suitors and daters were trying it merely to experiment with something new. Today, the app has changed what it can allow you to filter or what can be allowed to settle on.  While you might need some time to adjust to these two metrics, once done, it can be extremely useful for those who do not wish to block one account after the next. Chappy is an offering from the people who created Bumble (and other dating apps).  It was created out of a necessity to give an alternative to Grindr and similarly featured apps. The app boasts of a growing pool of users enjoying never-seen-before online dating experiences.


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